Book 1 Synopsis: 

Mallie awakens in class one night with no knowledge of who she is. With the help of her Guardian friends, she learns about her magical abilities as well as the enmity between the Guardians and Shapers. The laws expressly forbid relationships with the opposite class, but she has a crush on Caiden, a Shaper boy. As events unfold and she learns more about herself and her origins, Mallie realizes she holds the key restoring her memories. But is she ready for the answer? Told in two parts, this series follows Mallie and Caiden. 

Book 2 Synopsis:

Aralisa now knows who she was prior to her amnesia, but hasn’t regained all of her memories back. While coping with the ramifications of her old identity, the Headmistress changes the entire course schedule for all students, mixing the two classes together for the first time in history. She still needs to apologize to Mirabella, reveal her secret to her best friends, and figure out her relationship with Caiden. But as if she didn’t have enough on her plate already, the Prophetess singles her out and reveals a deeper secret about her life that has been hidden from everyone, including those she trusts most. This new revelation has not only comes as a shock, but for the first time in her life she is uncertain of her future. If the Ancient Council ever found out what she was, they’d execute her.

Book 3 Synopsis: 

Aralisa and Caiden are on the run from the Council. While Aralisa pieces together the visions the Prophetess gave her, the others try discovering their location, but are soon thwarted by the Whispered, another Ancient. When the Tracker finally catches up with them, they flee with a friend, headed towards Trayen’s village. Aralisa’s heart is put at risk when Caiden’s life is threatened by a powerful Ancient, and as a result she leaves the company of her love. Meanwhile, Caiden realizes what she’s done and sets off after her. Also following the pair are Isla and Mirabella, with the Tracker and other dangers close behind. The story journeys into the world beyond the school; told in two parts, with Aralisa, Mirabella, and Caiden’s point of views.